art-spaceArtwork by Sandy Foster

For years, I longed to create art but couldn’t get past my perceptions and misconceptions of what it took to create art. One day, a dear friend bought me my first easel – invested in my dream to paint. Over the last many years, solitude, reflection, thankfulness and prayer have helped me to see, to listen and to be still. From those precious beginning times to this new season, I am still learning to listen well, to paint stories and adventures.

One day I might paint a personal encouragement for someone. Another time, an image to capture the essence to a poem or song I’ve written. Still other times an image directly related to a portion of a poem I’ve written. I may capture the essence of a song I’ve written or paint a story that unfolds over the process of painting. Music, art and poetry flow freely between and through. More often than not, the creative process begins with a great cup of coffee, quiet time and a view with room to dream.

I love the journey. Wherever my brushes and I may be, whether in my beloved office, or on site at an event, or out and about somewhere new, each picture begins with reflection and light. There’s always room for a view, with continual space in any place for solitude and an ever-increasing opportunity to discover.

—Sandy Foster

Art Gallery

Here is a selection of paintings created in a variety of settings along with their descriptions.


Title: Storm Flowers © 2016
Size: 6×9 inch Acrylic
Type: Solitudinal Soliloquy
Description: Reflecting on how to vibrantly weather the storms of life.


Title: She Who Dances Upon Injustice © 2016
Size: 6×9 inch Watercolour
Type: Onsite Event Painting
Description: Inspired by a dancing friend of mine, I saw her as beauty bringing joy, dancing upon injustice.


Title: Four Flags For © 2016
Size: 6×9 inch Acrylic
Type: Onsite Event Painting
Description: Vibrant with colour, moving in battle, the wind blowing through these four flags.


Title: Beloved Nation © 2016
Size: 6×9 inch Watercolour
Type: Onsite Event Painting
Description: Reflecting on the streams of life that flow from coast to coast to coast, I painted our great nation in unity.


Title: Anew © 2016
Size: 6×9 inch Watercolour
Type: Personal Encouragement
Description: A little surprise for a dear friend and a reminder to me of restoration and refreshment, rest by the River.


Title: He Restores My Soul © 2016
Size: 5×7 cm Watercolour
Type: Commissioned Work
Description: The challenge? To create the tiniest painting yet to sit upon a small ornamental fireplace.  So with great joy and a bright light, I painted this watercolour for a dear friend of mine that shows one of her favourite places to be.


Title: Unity Rose © 2016
Size:  6×9 inch Watercolour, Colours Series
Type: Personal Encouragement
Description: Living in colour, in unity together as we grow and become is the theme of this painting.


Title: Treasured Topaz © 2016
Size:  6×9 inch Watercolour
Type: Created for ‘Precious from the Pebbles’ Multi-Arts Presentation
Description: As I saw this treasured topaz hiding with her hands around her knees, I felt to paint layers.  It wasn’t until I got to the end of the painting that I realized that she was the treasure in the layer cake!  Just like that prized piece of cake with the cellophane wrapped money in it, this woman is a treasure and a delight!


Title: Full © 2016
Size:  12×12 inch Acrylic
Type: Created for ‘Lovely on the Sea’ Multi-Arts Presentation
Description: Living life in fullness and blessing, with thanksgiving in my heart.  So blessed that this painting is now residing in a wonderful home in my beloved nation.


Title: Frolicking Flock © 2016
Size:  6×9 inch Watercolour
Type: Created for ‘Lead Learner’ Multi-Arts Presentation
Description: In this painting created to illustrate a portion of the poetry, I had such a sense of peace as I saw the flock grazing together, in green pasture.  Reminds me of Psalm 23. 


Title: Thatched Cottage © 2016
Size:  6×9 inch Acrylic
Type: Created for ‘Good Morning, Beloved’ Multi-Arts Presentation
Description: Inspired by a prayer, this humble cottage represents a heart wide open for light to stream in and for the wind to blow the cobwebs out.  This painting has found a home in Scotland, which makes me very happy.  


Title: Psalm 84 ©2016
Size:  4×4 inch Watercolour
Type: Solitudinal Soliloquy
Description: A reflection of Psalm 84, a painting prayer completed during an art lesson.


Title: Upholding Beauty © 2016
Size:  8×10 inch Acrylic
Type: Solitudinal Soliloquy
Description: This is my ode to educators and education.  So often we think that education is all about the apple, consumption and production.  Really, it’s about becoming.  Encouraging learners to bloom and grow into the roses that they are, in beauty and in light.  


Title: Walking Well © 2016
Size:  9×12 inch Acrylic
Type: Solitudinal Soliloquy
Description: Thinking about what it looks like to walk well through life.


Title: Forest Paths ©2015
Size:  6×6 inch Acrylic
Type: Solitudinal Soliloquy
Description: I love the mood of a wintry forest scene – reminiscence of some of my favourite places I’ve lived and the feeling I have when I’m creating in my cozy office.


Title: New Wine & Springs of Life © 2015, #7 in Munich Collection
Size:  8×10 inch Acrylic
Type: Onsite Event Painting
Description: Created in Munich, Germany at a gathering, this image became complete once all the wine and water bubbles were connected, symbolizing the water and the wine, generations restored and knit together in life and love.