About Sandy


Hi there! If you’re here because you are wondering, rest assured that I am, too.  I am a creative with a soul steeped in solitude and a heart bursting with gratitude. It’s a great thing to wonder.

I am always wondering, surrounded by wonder and captivated by wondrousness.  Most of these ‘wonderings’ end up in some form of artistic expression.

Since every day is a new day, I love to discover or create something fresh in each day. Holding to a ‘beholding’ perspective has me walking through life making room for the view and encouraging others to do the same.

I live in creative release and love to release the creative. This means that my days are diverse adventures composed of writing, singing, painting, teaching, learning, baking, cooking, or enjoying a cup of good coffee.

Focusing on endless beauty, joy and hope inspires me to create, and in fact, I am compelled to create.  Which inevitably leads to a compilation of works. And subsequent office reorganization…

When I’m traveling and sharing my creativity, I may be

  • performing solo as a singer songwriter or with my beloved band members
  • sharing multi-arts presentations that include my original poetry, music and art
  • painting on site at events or encouraging others to explore art
  • instructing or sharing inspiration with learners of all ages
  • leading unique artistic events
  • or something new because that’s pretty exciting, too.

To be sure, there will be conversation and there will be creativity. I really hope there’s good coffee. I am thrilled to interact artistically in environments where people are encouraged to experience the joy of being and doing.

As I share my art near and far, I look to encourage, delight and uplift so that each and all can experience an opportunity to breathe, to chat, to speak life, and to dig a little deeper. And wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Artistically Speaking


Conversing, creating, relating and remembering — this is what music and art and words are to me. There are two pictures of me as a little girl — one of a lively me chatting on the phone and another one of me as a toddler playing my grandpa’s piano with my feet. These two pictures are quite accurate to who I am — if you’re anywhere near me, you’ll soon see that I do love to chat, to be creative, and to approach life’s adventures with heart and soul.


Nominations & Awards

  • 2009 GMA Award nominee — Jazz/Blues Album of the Year — indigo rain
  • 2006 GMA Award — Jazz/Blues Song of the Year — marooned
  • 2005 WCMA Award nominee — Outstanding Christian Record of the Year — orangify
  • 2005 SHAI Award nominee — Jazz/Blues Album of the Year — orangify
  • 2004 VIBE Award nominee — Jazz/Blues Album of the Year — Purplexed


  • WCMA 2005
  • CMW 2004
  • ATAA 2004

52 Word Bio

Soulful, relational and relatable, Sandy Foster is a singer-songwriter, visual artist, writer and educator. Moving forward and coming near to encourage, delight and uplift, Sandy is an adventurous creative with a fresh word to share through life and light filled song, art, poetry, likely with something new (most definitely with a laugh or two).

127 Word Bio

Based in Edmonton, AB, Canada, Sandy Foster is a singer, songwriter, visual artist, writer, poet, and educator. Soulful, relational and relatable, Foster’s sultry, immediately captivating voice, alternatively thoughtful & wildly funny commentary and multi genre infused repertoire, which spans jazz, blues, country and pop, sparkle with heart and soul. To date, she has released six full-length recordings that feature over 50 of her originals. Foster’s songs, art, poetry, educational inspiration and writing come from a soul steeped in solitude, a heart filled with gratitude and a quick sense of humour. Whether performing live music, presenting multi arts events, creating artwork, writing a blog, or leading educational sessions, Sandy Foster’s artistic focus remains dynamically relational as she creates, performs, connects and builds community through note, art, and word.